The Five Reasons We Should Unlock This Bandh Darwaza

Ramsay Brothers made several movies during their heydays, and Bandh Darwaza was one of the most famous ones. This movie again had their favourite character Saamri, and also a veritable feast of all the awesomeness that a horror movie would have. Here is the storyline of Bandh Darwaza, and five reasons why you should watch Bandh Darwaza right now.

A rich Thakur and his wife are childless and pray devoutly to the Gods for a child. While their prayer is unanswered by God, a servant, Mahua, in the Haveli tells the Thakurain that she knows a magician, Nevla, who can give her a child. She says that the Thakurain can keep the child if it is a boy, but if it is a girl, she will have to give her up to Nevla. the Thakurain agrees, but cannot come to give up the child when needed. The servant poisons the Thakurain and tries to take away the child. However, the Thakurain confesses to her husband, and the Thakur attacks Saamri and his entourage, killing them all.

The daughter, Kamya, grows up, and has a big group of friends. She has a brother, sister-in-law and is love with Kumar, someone who already has a girlfriend, Sapna. One day, as Sapna is driving down a empty road at night, she meets a woman who wants a lift to the old cave, Kaali Pahadi, where Nevla used to live.

Not knowing the history with the cave, she agrees to give a lift to the woman. However, the woman leaves her book in the car, and she decides to go into the cave to give her the book. When she reaches there, she witnesses a human sacrifice. She is found out and the people follow her, right till her house, the house of the old Thakur.

Sapna’s brother Anand and Kumar are friends and also travel to a factory together. It is not known whether they co-own the factory, as that plot point is never used again. Anand is married.

Sapna shows the book to her friends, and it is all about black magic. Of course, they do not believe whatever is written,and believe that it is balderdash.

The next day, Sapna goes to the same cave with Kumar, but they find nothing. At night, the woman whom she had dropped meets her once again, and asks for the book. While Sapna tries to return the book, she cannot because of some power stops her from doing so, and the book finally falls into Kamya’s hand. Not only does she read the book and learn black magic, she also joins hands with Saamri, and uses her black magic to haunt her Kumar. .

However, while Kamya doesn’t succeed in finally charming her crush, she is captured by Nevlas’s henchmen, and her blood is used to reincarnate him. With Nevla reincarnated, he is back to his rapacious ways, and targets Anand’s wife first. Anand’s wife is haunted by him, and finally ends up dead.

This leads to a full on attack on Kaali Pahadi by Kumar, Anand and even the old Thakur. They finally succeed once again to remove the scrounge of the earth, Nevla, but not before Kamya is killed too.

Here are the five reasons that everyone should watch Bandh Darwaza

Nevla, AKA Saamri

If you thought that Ian guy is awesone for playing Dumbeldore, Magneto and Gandalf, have a load of the guy who played Samri and Nevla, Anriudh Agarwal. Agarwal plays a cross between Dracula and every other zombie character we have ever seen, and owns the character like nobody’s business.

The Extreme Nineties

The movie was made at the very cusp of the nineties, and it shows. People are driving Marutis, Ambassador, and the less said about the dress sense and the props the better. Oh… that brings us to the next thing.

The Raindances, the Lake Parties and whatnot!

Indian audiences were much more conservative than that they are today, and the censor board required a reason to show any kind of skin, any amount of skin. Therefore, many filmakers used to put in a scene at a pool or a lake, or just a rain dance. Well, Bandh Darwaza has all of this!

The Props

Well, earlier the Ramsays just used to make do with caves and stuff, but by the nineties they went all out and even came up with artwork that was about the planets and everything else that was supernatural, which made for good viewing back then and would make so even today

The Controversy

A man has intercourse with a woman and has a child, a girl from her. He then confines the girl in his Kali Pahadi, and while there is nothing, a lot of insinuated, with both the women being erm.. bathed. If this thing is ever pointed out, remember, you read it here first.

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