The First, the Last, and the Only One – Tarzan


Hollywood might have made a couple of their Tarzan movies, but the concept of a manboy growing up in a jungle would be unsurprisingly interesting for Indian filmmakers. After all, they get a free reign to have lake scenes, outfit scenes, so much and so much more. Back in the eighties, B Subhash made Tarzan, and with this he carved a niche in the Indian cultural scene and gave us our first muscular brute – Hemant Birje. Here is the complete recap of movie Tarzan.

Several expeditions try to find out more about an ancient tribal group that live in the interiors of India, but the tribals are a killing and rapacious kind, so there’s not much success on that front.

However, an experienced adventurer, Mr. Sethi, decides to look again for Tarzan in the jungles of Shakabhoomi. Krishnakant Varma, is a circus owner who wants to capture Tarzan. He hires a cruel adventurer,, DK to capture Tarzan.

Mr. Sethi calls over his daughter, Ruby to Shakabhoomi. However, the boatmen who were supposed to ferry her try to assault her, and she kills them. We find out that her mother and Mr. Sethi were estranged, and she has come to him to reconcile. Later on, the crew decides to capture the last part of the trek, deep in the jungles.

When they finally camp in the night, they hear a voice in the jungle, and Sethi tells his daughter about the legend of Tarzan. DK says that all this is fantasy, and Tarzan is actually a human being who he will capture and take to the circus.

The same night, Tarzan enters the camp., he sees Ruby, and is enamoured by her, but leaves the camp before daybreak. The next day, Komal is attacked by first a giant crocodile, and later a tribal, and Tarzan saves her. Nobody believes her when she says that Tarzan had actually saved her. The next day, Tarzan kidnaps her, but she escapes. While she is alone in the jungle, she is bitten by a snake, but Tarzan spits out the snake poison from her body. Tarzan takes Ruby back to his lair, and the two come close to each other.

Though she returns to her camp, she is kidnapped by a tribe that night, and she is once again saved by Tarzan. Her camp has to save her once again, but that night, Tarzan’s elephant takes Ruby away from the camp. In the meantime, the tribals who had kidnapped Ruby attack the camp and burn it down. Now, the only people left alive are Ruby, Tarzan and DK.

Our hero has a final fight with the tribal, and though he defeats him, he is attacked by DK, who brings him back to the City to work in the zoo. When they come to the zoo, Tarzan is forced to work because DK threatens her with killing Ruby, and he threatens Ruby with disclosure of her murders if she doesn’t tell Tarzan to work.

However, everything comes to naught, when on the opening night, DK and his people beat Tarzan, he shouts,and the entire forest comes to Tarzan’s help, defeating DK and taking Ruby and Tarzan back into the jungle.

Here are the five things that make the Hemant Birje starrer memorable.

The Song

Jhoole Le Jhoole Le aayo aayo jhoole le was the ultimate dance and disco item at that time. The song is as campy as campy can get and we would say it is worth the DVD price just to listen to this song.

The Concept

The manboy who was lost in a forest. B Subhash had to be a revolutionary to make such a movie back when India was all about family socials, dramas and simple movies. Of course, the concept is age old, but the cliched manner in which B Subhash covers every nuance is legendary.

The Slo-Mo fight

Not many actors have any fighting capabilities. It was only in the nineties that heroes started learning how to fight. However, many actors were sold as pure fighting machines, and Hemant Birje had to live up to his image when the movie released. There’s no high adrenaline fighting, and to solve this problem, there’s a whole slomo fighting sequence between him and a tribal demon.

The Climax that was before it’s time

In the climax, Tarzan gives a warcry and all the animals from the jungle come to save him. There is just no way in which anyone can justify this climax, but B Subhash’s Tarzanverse does it with some up tempo music in the background. See it to believe it.

Kimi Katkar

The hotness quotient is quite high in this movie, and we firmly believe that after Zeenat Aman, it was Kimi Katkar who had a sense of sensuality that ignited Indian hearts and has made her a well known and memorable name. Watch this movie for the various lake scenes that she is in.

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