Lahoo Ke Do Rang: The One Naseeruddin Shah Movie We Should All See

Naseeruddin Shah was in the eye of the storm recently, when he said that he did not like the kind of movies that some people were doing. Maybe he did not remember the several cinema gems that he had worked in back in the nineties. Here is a complete recap of the movie Lahoo Ke Do Rang, starring Naseeruddin Shah, Akshay Kumar, Karishma Kapoor, and Alok Nath, Navin Nischol, Mukesh Rishi and others.


A boy is orphaned after his father and mother, a police commissioner and his wife are killed by a criminal, who was a friend of the commissioner. He grows up to he Sikander Dawai, a man who gives fake testimonies in court. His life crosses paths with a upright customs officer, Bharat Shrivastav. A gang of smuggler brothers contact the customs officer to bribe him so that they can smuggle. He hoodwinks them and then arrests the eldest brother, but not his upright police officer brother in law, Gautam, thinks that he is a corrupt customs officer.

Bharat Shrivastav now takes up cudgels against the Shikari brothers, and they try to attack and kill him, but Sikander saves him in the nick of time.

Things come to a head with the Shikari brothers kidnap Shrivastav’s entire family, threatening him that they will kill him if he does not ensure that their smuggled goods are not released from the docks to their warehouse. Bharat tries to fool them, but the Shikari brothers kill his entire family, and Bharat vows to avenge their death.  How he does that forms the rest of the movie.

Here are the five scenes that make Lahoo ke Do Rang Epic

The Crutch Gun:

The criminal kills the Commissioner after he gets into an awards ceremony, with a modified crutch that has a gun barrel. He kills both the commissioner and his wife with a single bullet that his them on their shoulder Definitely something that even Mr. Q would find difficult to make.

Akshay Kumar the Undertaker:

Our protagonists have had many backgrounds in the history of filmed media, but we wonder whether anyone has ever played an Undertaker. In fact, Kumar’s character is an orphan that has been adopted by a character played by Alok Nath. The epicness doesn’t begin to end. .

Haseeno Ko Aate Hein Kya Kya Bahane:

Haseeno Ko aate hein kya kya bahane, khuda bhi na jaane to hum kaise jaane? Deewano ko aate hein kya kya bahane, khuda bhi na jaane to hum kaise jaane”

Need we say more?

Naseeruddin Shah Going All Commando

If people have not seen the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Commando, and that epic scene where he kills the enemy, who sits next to him on a plane, they now have the option of watching Naseeruddin Shah playing that scene with Mushtaq Khan.

The Sheeba Song

Before the item songs became a big deal, many low budget movies had such songs, and many lesser known celebs sang and danced, and Sheeba was just one of them. If you think seeing Sheeba dance in a gold embedded costume to some interesting lyrics can make your day, go ahead and watch this movie on the above link right now.

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