Kiran Kumar, Superstar

A young couple take refuge in an old mansion during a stormy night. The woman, who is expecting, delivers in the mansion, and gives birth to a deformed zombie child because of an ancient evil power She dies of shock when she sees the deformed child, and the father is killed by the power too.

The deformed child now grows up and lives in the mansion, only coming to the city to prey on nubile, young girls. One day, a young man comes across an unknown woman in the jungle. He offers her a lift. She asks him whether he believes in spirits, and he says that he doesn’t. she tells him something cryptic and then leaves.

The man, Vicky, lives right next to the zombie who masquerades around as a man. One day, he sees him killing a woman in his room. In college, Vicky meets a girl, who looks quite similar to the woman in white who he had met in the night. We find out that the girl, Rupali, he meets in the college is the same one who dresses in a white saree, someone who is controlled by a defaced woman. The woman tells her to bring Vicky to their home.

That night, Vicky sees his neighbor, Kumar, invite a woman to his house. The next day, he sees the dead body of the girl and informs the police officer about it. He and the police officer confront Kumar, but Vicky cannot prove anything and is admonished by the police officer.

This emboldens Kumar, and one day he tries to molest Rupali. However, she is saved by Vicky in the nick of time. Later, a group of hippies literally drop into Kumar’s cave like house. They are killed by Kumar.

Vicky and Kumar are still at loggerheads, and one day Vicky gets a tantrik, to check whether Kumar is a zombie or not. While Kumar succeeds to beat a Gangajal test, the mantrik finds out that he is a zombie with the help of a magic mirror. Kumar finds out that the tantrik has found him out and gives him a taste of his power.

One day, Kumar comes to Vicky’s house and downright threatens him with his mother’s death f he doesn’t mend his ways. That night, Kumar attacks Vicky, kills his dog, and almost kills him, but his thwarted by the religious trident.

Vicky’s mother now sends another tantrik, who confronts Kumar, but Kumar kills the tantrik too, but before that, he tells him about how he became a zombie. He says that in a previous birth, he was a prince who was banished by his uncle. Angry he goes to a tantrik to get dark powers and is killed by the king. He the curses that his soul will not rest until he kills the daughter of the house, and Rupali is a reincarnation of the Princess. The now Zombie/Vampire is supposed to become stronger if he drinks the blood of someone who is clothed in red.

Now, Kumar goes on an all out war against Vicky’s friends. He first kills Rakesh, one of his friends,and then kidnaps Rupali. The magician tries to save her and Vicky, but he does not succeed. Finally, Vicky kills Kumar with the help of the holy trident.
Here are the five reasons that we should definitely watch this movie.

#4 The Mishmash

There’s reincarnation, there’s vampires and then there’s the reincarnation of a girl who is the girlfriend of the man who knows that he has a vampire living next to him. If you have the requisite IQ to take this all in at one time, watch this movie.

#3 The Effects.

The nineties were not a good time for Bollywood,and the CGI was something that was interesting, to say the least.There’s this one scene where the vampire takes over the body of a girl, and they actually show some rays of light moving from his eyes to hers. Epic.

#2 Kiran Kumar the Tentpole

This is the second movie that we are seeing that has Kiran Kumar play the antagonist, and is the most famous name in the credits. Three cheers for the time when Kiran Kumar could move a movie on his brawny shoulders.

#1 The Prosthetics

Nothing can define or justify the prosthetics that people used back in the nineties to show that a person has changed from a human being to a zombie. Therefore, we made this gif to show you exactly how it works.

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