Khooni Panja: Because the Terminator is Too Tame


A young man kills his wife when she finds out about his philandering ways. When they go to bury her, she suddenly comes alive, but they bury her live anyway after a skirmish. When they bury the woman, her hand suddenly juts out of the grave, but the caretaker cuts it off with a sacred sword.

Years later, the man’s younger brother, Ajay is about to be married to his girlfriend, Pinky, but their mother decides to tell the girl everything about the elder brother.

One day, as Pinky is playing volleyball in the night with her friends, she stumbles into a old jungle, and a spirit controls her thereafter. Apparently, it is the same jungle/cemetery where Ajay’s brother had buried his wife. They find Pinky unconscious on the road, and get her home. When she wakes up, she is already taken over by the dead wife’s spirit and starts killing people one by one.

The first person that she kills is a servant of the house. The police suspect Pinky now but they cannot arrest her because they have no proof about her involvement in the murder. The next night, Pinky kills the caretaker.

The next night, when Ajay, Pinky and their group go on a picnic, Pinky tries to kill a woman who gets close to Ajay. Her efforts are thwarted because of a religious pendant that she wore, and she calls up Ajay and gives him an incomplete warning about Ajay, before she is killed by the Pinky/Zombie.

Pinky’s parents decide to take her a tantrik, but Pinky shows her true colors, and tells them that they should marry her off to Ajay as soon as possible, or she will kill all of them. She gets married, and wrecks havoc in Ajay’s house, killing the family members one by one.

One day, when everyone goes to a picnic, Ajay’s sister calls her boyfriend home, and they both are killed by the Zombie/Pinky. After this, a tantrik is called home, and he succeeds in capturing the spirit that has take over Pinky. He tells Ajay to bury the spirit somewhere in the jungle. He also warns him that some powers will try to stop him. In the jungle, he comes across a gang of men trying to sexually assault a woman. He keeps down the spirit and it immediately frees itself, killing the tantrik and Ajay’s mother. When Ajay’s mother dies, his elder brother comes home, and the zombie his wife. The zombie, who is now independent of Pinky’s body, attacks Ajay, his elder brother and Pinky, but they finally shut it down using the same sword that was used earlier in the movie.

Here are the five reasons why the Khooni Panja becomes a movie FTW:

#5 Channeling The Terminator

Who wants a big sci-fi backstory to get a panja (claw) as the McGuffin? We did it earlier with Mahakaal, and now we did it later with Khooni Panja. The entire movie is about how a bloody, deathly claw takes over and kills human bodies.

#4 Channeling the Exorcist

Who doesn’t remember the epic sequence in the Exorcist where the priest sits in the room of the girl and she turns the tables on him? Well, in Khooni Panja you get the Indian version of it, which means a bald female actress shouting at the top of her lungs.

#3 The Zombie

This is one of the few movies where the zombie is given a proper look, and the camera doesn’t go haywire when the zombie makes its appearance. This is a relief to the other pitch dark sequences in other movies that we were forced to watch.

#2 Ajit Vachchani

Ajit Vachchani is an actor who was well known for his roles in the Rajshri movies, and became a household name with Gujarati cinema and the serial Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka.

#1 The Modern Story

Here’s the plot of the movie – a woman who has an unfaithful husband is killed, and her spirit kills the husband as well as his mistress – quite a turn from the havelis and stuff, don’t you think so?

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