Khofnak Mahal – The Bollywood Horror Movie that the Makers of SAW watched then they were young.

A group of people are capsized on an island. There are several characters, like Robert Dada, a drunk and small time criminal. We are slowly introduced to the various characters, like Bhojwani. Then there is Suzy, whom Robert seems to try to impress. Suzy is a young and beautiful woman who has no interest in Robert, though. There is also a couple, who are childless, Yashoda and her husband. Another couple who have looted a minister, Pawan and Rekha. Then there are Yasmin and Amar, a couple who has run away from home to marry because their parents didn’t agree to their relationship. Yasmin thinks that she has seen Robert with her father somewhere.

Robert tries to get fresh with Suzy, but one of the men in the group beats him up., before the fight is broken up. The group of people look for a place to live till the time they are stranded, and find a big bungalow. They decide to live in the bungalow for a while, and surprisingly, at least two people think that they have seen the bungalow someplace before.

Unfortunately, there lives a tantric and his pet snake in the bungalow, and they decide to make life hell for the people who have come to live in the bungalow. The tantrik does not want the people there, and sends a demon to kill them, and the demon goes on a killing spree.

While the love stories ebb and throb, the demon now starts killing people one by one, he first kills a girl who was spending some time with her boyfriend. The group of people are now worried about who the demon is, and there is some bickering and infighting, and the killings do not subside.

As the killings increase, Sameer thinks that Robert has killed the people, but Suzy clarifies that he cannot be the killer. Robert thinks that Suzy has said this because she has fallen in love with him. Robert proposes to Suzy, but she declines. Robert then vows to kill Robert.

Finally, they start fighting the demon, and one day, Sameer come into a secret cave, where they find the statue of a saint. The saint tells them that they were lovers in the previous generation too. He tells them about the Thakur Gajendra, who used to live in that area during those days. The elder brother understands that his younger brother loves Naina, and that their father will never agree to this wedding. He sends Suraj and Naina to an old mansion at the end of town, and proceeds to kill them there.

To the young couple’s surprise, his elder brother has actually hatched a plan to kill them, and he succeeds in putting an end to their love story, thereby usurping their land. But before the woman dies, she curses the Thakur that he will never be happy in this life, and will continue to suffer even after his death. However, the Thakur is killed by his mistress. His mistress kills him to atone for all the sins that she had done because of him.

The Thakur is about to be burnt at the funeral pyre, when a Black Magician steals his dead body, and uses it for his dark magic purposes. The sage sees it, and the Black Magician and the sage fight, but the Black Magician wins and entombs the sage. Up on the land, Robert tries to escape the island on a raft, but he cannot, and is attacked by the monster, being killed finally.

The spirit now takes the form of one of the women in the stranded party and tries to attack the Suzy. The devil kills two more, before Suzy herself reaches the Black Magician. The Black Magician tries to stop his own creation, but is not able to do so, and is killed in what could be the most gory pukeworthy death scene in the history of Bollywood.

Finally, it is the sage and Suraj that succeed in killing the demon with a holy trident.

For a Bollywood horror movie, Khofnak Mahal does have some extremely violent scenes that are not for someone who’s having their dinner, lunch or even a sandwich. Here are the five reasons why you should watch this Khofnak Mahal right now:;

The Schizophrenic Story.

The movie begins as a ‘stranded on an island’ one, and turns into a love triangle, and then goes into stalker territory. It finally settles down as a reincarnation trope. We still wonder how many more angles had the movie makers thought of, before they decided on these three.

The ‘Katlik’ Dilemma

There’s also a religious discourse, about how all religions are same and how one should not use religion for their own purposes. A horror movie might be the last place one is looking for such a discourse, but what the ho! You get it, you hear it.

The Cat Scene

Cat lovers, if you watch this scene, there is a chance that you might not be able to look at a cat in the same manner forever. For some inexplicable reason, the spirit takes over a cat, who proceeds to sidle into the Black Magician’s mouth, go into his intestines gnaw at it so that blood spurts out of his mouth. While the scene itself is quite gory, what hits the whole damn coffin on the nail is the manner in which the at crawls out of the corpse in a nonchalant manner, Seriously, you should watch this movie for this scene, if nothing else.

The Trident Scene

Okay tridents and other religious symbols are quite used in Bollywood. Now, what would an action director do if he were to make a scene with a trident and a zombie? If he were sane, he would go ahead and make a scene withb the three pronged pointy end stabbing the face or the body, or even the back. But no, Khofnak Mahal pushes the envelope. For some inexpicable reason, the handle end of the trident is thrust vertically into the demon’s head, which has hs dance – in torturous pain, we are sure – for a good two seconds. Surely, these must the scenes that the Saw makers watched when they were growing up.

The Demon in a Gorilla Suit

The main antagonist is a demon in a gorilla suit. Yea.

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