Seven Scenes That Make Qahar Epic

Raj Kumar Kohli is known for his Jaani Dushman and his Jaani Dushma redux, but he has several other movies that make the B Grade of Bollywood. The one we are reviewing today is Qahar, a movie that another launchpad for his son, Armaan Kohli.

A Lady Who Literally Delivers Ten Minutes Ago Walks Stairs.

The movie starts with a heavily pregnant female character (She looks twenty months pregnant) suddenly getting labor pains while at a temple. Taking a leaf out of the books of the ancient villager women, she delivers herself. Because all her brains have been used up doing this laborious task, she begs God to tell her what she can do now. Because God’s mobile network doesn’t work in stables, she – leaving her newly delivered child – climbs up the temple steps. Seriously, she has delivered a minute ago and she’s walking, bloodless, to the temple. Along with the audience, the character faints too.

The Most Obedient Terrorists In the World

The action scene where he arrests these hardcore terrorists proves that we have some superheroes in our police force, with superhero gadgets. All the terrorists, dangerous, brutal and wily, cow down after being punched twice.

Then most important part of the scene here is where the Inspector punches one of the terrorists twice, and handcuffs his hands behind him. Like an obedient child, this deadly terrorist just remains prone on the ground until he does easy work of his other cronies! Why didn’t the terrorist just stand up and run, is a question of whose answer the nation wants to know.

A Minister Who Does All the Footwork (and gets slapped and photographed)

In one of the strangest occurences in Indian cinema, the minister himself comes to the police officer with his dismissal order. In another coincidence, there is a photographer in the office of the inspector. What happens next will reignite your trust in humanity.

Seeing the dismissal order, he slaps the minister. The photographer takes photos of the slap – his camera was ready to take high shutter speed photos – and the Minister has to cancel the dismissal order, because the inspector blackmails him into doing so with the photos.

The Massacre of the Decade doesn’t get a FIR

Ten armed men barge into a house in the middle of the night, shoot everyone in the house and leave and the police don’t write an FIR.We agree this is the nineties, but Mumbai was not so lawless, even in the nineties.

Villain’s Den

Villains dens were somewhat out of action in the nineties, so its a rarity that this one had a full fledged one with a dance hall and a torturer’s room. In Qahar, there are two villain’s dens, one a decrepit cave and another the aforementioned one.

The Dance Sequences

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The dance sequences are out of this world, with Ramya being more jumpy than a cat on a hot tin roof. Of course, the snazzy, glitzy nineties costumes must be making those dance steps more obvious, but what’s stopping us from watching these gifs today?

The Death of Superman (Sunny Deol’s Character)

Seriously, Bollywood fans, when was the last time we saw Sunny Deol die onscreen? We think the only movie where he did was Jaani Dushman, but that’s all right, that was our slasher fest before there was a slasher fest. This guy survived even Border, which was an honest to goodness war movie. And in Qahar, he dies.


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