Five Reasons Why Youngistaan Deserves Every Award Ever Made

The morning started with news that a movie starring Jackky Bhagnani, Youngistaan just went into the Oscar list for Best Foreign Film. Of course if you read the actual article, you will see that the movie is only ‘now eligible to be accepted in the Foreign Film category’. I guess any movie that has a specific kind of release should be eligible, but just because the PR machinery went into overdrive, we decided to dust our DVD collection and see what this movie is all about. This legendary piece of filmaking deserves all the plaudits that it got and will get now. In fact, we were almost about to replace our favourite movie, Sari Kati Laash from our list and place this on its pedestal.

The Meta

You cannot get more meta than this. The name of the father of the protagonist is Dashrath. Therefore, the son plays the role of Rama, but his character is named Abhimanyu. So, in fell swoop, not only have the Ramayana, but also the Mahabharata has been invoked. If you are thinking that the movie is beyond epic, wait for the it to unroll.

The Mostest Greatest Song Ever Filmed

We accept it, the recent Indian Bollywood songs are not something that we would store for posterity. In fact, if we were living in a time when songs would be recorded and stored just because of their hearbility, less than one percent of Bollywood songs would have a future, and this song comparing everyone to drunkards, monkeys and everything that the filmmakers would think is hep. Rarely do we see a song that is so full of itself and one that directly gets it’s lift to the wannabe section. Seriously, the song goes, “Tanki hein hum, Monkey hein hum.’

The Most Weird Girlfriend in the Entire Multiverse

Farz karo ke tumhara boyfriend hein. And also farz karo that for some rhyme and reason, he is becoming the Prime Minister elect. What would you do? Would you thank your stars, understand the seriousness of the issue and marry him so that he has a staid and simple personal life – especially after you have lived with him for three years, or will you allow yourself and your personal life to be media fodder? if you are the female protagonist in this movie, you would opt for the latter.

Those Political Solutions

No, not a single person watching any political thriller thinks that the solutions that they show on screen would make an iota of difference of work in real life. But the audacity by which the reforms are carried out in this movies make all of us seem quite dumb, as not being the ones who can see the solution – a solution that a game designer sees just months after joining politics. And of course, every one of that solution comes with the patent line, “The nation’s exchequer can always take care of it.”

The Protagonist


You are wondering what Jackky Bhagnani was trying to portray. Was he trying to be the poor man’s Ranbir Kapoor, or did he want to have a subtle nod towards Jawaharlal Nehru. What was more interesting was that in a recent interview, Bhagnani senior says that the movie’s character was based on Rahul Gandhi, but it was inspired by Narendra Modi.

We are still scratching our heads about that golden words. How could two individuals, who are so different, be channelled into one character? I mean, how can a character be made to be similar to Rahul Gandhi but is actually based on Narendra Modi?

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