Five Reasons We Should Revere Purana Mandir

Purana Mandir is one more offering from the Ramsay stables, and this movie has a couple of actors who are still facing the camera. Puneet Issar does that for Bigg Boss and Mohnish Behl is acts on television now. While these might be reasons enough for the average desi to watch this movie, there are a couple more that we list in this article. Here is the complete review of the movie Purana Mandir

Purana Mandir is Saamri: Origins. We see him molesting a queen, because of which he is decapitated. HIs head is hidden in a trunk and his body is hidden in another trunk, and both are locked with the mystic powers of a trident under a temple. Before he is killed, Saamri curses the King, that all the women in his family will die after her first child, and the day Saamri’s head and body come together, will be the last day for the family.

Cut to many,many years later, and the royalty has changed into landlords. The last landlord in the family now has a daughter, Suman, and she doesn’t know anything about the curse, but she does get nightmares about a old temple.

When the Thakur finds out that Suman has fallen in love with a poor man, Sanjay, , he refuses the relationship, citing the boy’s poverty. He also tries to have him beaten up, but Sanjay and his friend, Anand beat up the Thakur’s crones. The Thakur finally relents and lets them on the secret reason about why he is not allowing them to marry. When the youngsters find out the reason behind the refusal, they decide to go to the old haveli in Bijapur, themselves to see who the devil and ghost is.

They reach the haveli late in the night, and meet the caretaker his mother and the one man who provides the firewood for the haveli. As they begin living in the haveli, strange things happen to the four, with Suman seeing strange things, like blood pouring out of a painting, and then one day, the water in which is bathing turns into blood.

Meanwhile, Sanjay finds out that the demon is buried in the old temple that is in the village. However, the headman of the villagers doesn’t allow him to do that. He gets closer to the villagers, and specifically to the sister of the headman.

Suman’s hauntings increase, and finally Sanjay and Anand find that there is a secret passage behind a painting. They walk through the passage, and find the casket that has Saamri’s head. They close the casket and think that the head must be of a soldier that a king might have kept as a memento.

However, the caretaker and his friend think that this is a treasure and decide to steal it. When the firewood provider finally steals the treasure and opens it, he sees Saamri’s head, and Saamri’s spirit enters the firewood provider. He is now forced by Saamri’s spirit to connect the head to the body. Inspite of their best efforts, the ancient demon finally lives once again. He gives on a killing spree, and kills the caretaker and the firewood provider, finally planning to attack the people in the haveli, and he kills Anand’s wife. Taken by grief, Anand decides to confront Saamri headon, and makes his way to the temple all alone.

Meanwhile, the villagers attack and kidnap Suman, because they think that they are the people behind Saamri’s rejuvenation. Sanjay saves her, and the villagers chase them into the forest, only to find Anand, hellbent on searching for Saamri.

Finally, Suman, Anand and Sanjay confront Saamri, and he kills Anand. Suman and Anand now look for the ancient trident that was used to keep Saamri’s soul locked in the casket They get the trident and lock the demon once again, while the villagers plan to burn down the haveli. However, Anand tells them the truth, and they burn Saamri.

Here are the five reasons why Purana Mandir should be revered

This movie is Saamri: Origins.

This is the one movie that tells us about the origins of Saamri, who was otherwise a persona non grata in the Bollywood film industry It is also interesting that we are told about the age of the demon too. The villagers say that Saamri was decapitated around 200 years ago. So, in the 1980s, Saamri was around 200-230 years old.

This movie is Mohnish Behl’s First Big Hit

Mohnish Behl is Nutan’s son, and though he acted in a couple of movies, none of them worked as much as this one did. It definitely gave his career a booster shot, a shot that has remained valid with minimal ones back in the nineties and now.

The Only Movie We Know That Has Satish Shah in a Plot Point

Satish Shah is well known for his comedic role in movies, and his television programs, but nobody would believe that not only does he have a plot point role in the movie, but also has a negative role and actually dies. Maybe this is the only movie in which Satish Shah dies.

Woh Beete Din

This eighties song became mildly popular once again in the nineties, when music directors were trying to make different songs and remix songs. In this movie, you can watch it in its original form.

The Disco Song

We know that disco songs are becoming a staple in such lists, but seriously, there is no way that you cannot unsee these disco songs in the movies.

Lake Scenes!:

There are two. You will enjoy them.


  1. It was a hit and I think most successful of Ramsays’ offerings after another admired movie-Do gaj zameen ke neeche.

    Have you intentionally left out the spoof on “Sholay” which is quite a significant part of the movie.
    Unusual appearences of Lalita Pawar, Rajendra Nath and Jagdeep in a horror movie.

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