Five Reasons We Should Give Saamri (3D) It’s Due

The west might have Dracula, Frakenstein and other minor characters, but India has Saamri, an amalgamation of all these characters into one. This blogger was fortunate enough to have once seen Saamri in real life in the suburbs of Mumbai, Andheri. That dude was tall and well, tall., Here is the recap of the movie that had him in the titular role, Saamri.

Saamri is a old, rich man living in a small village, who helps people with their mental and physical problems with black magic, the reason why the entire medical fraternity has disowned him. His wicked family members want to usurp his house and his property, and therefore kill him. Only his trusted lieutenant knows of his murder, but even he cannot do anything about it.

We find out that though the family members had killed Saamri for his property, the legal heir of the property is his niece, who is currently in town studying. She returns home after being notified, and now the family members try to kill her too, but they have her boyfriend to contend with.

But before they can do anything, the four men and one woman are killed by an ancient power. One police man, and the girl’s boyfriend try to find out who is killing the people, but are powerless. It is only after all four are killed do we understand that it was Saamri, who had come back from the death to avenge his death.

Here are five reasons you should definitely watch Saamri

The Jagdeep/Michael Jackson Dance

This movie was made in the late eighties, and western culture had started seeping into India, and with it, Western media too. Michael Jackson was a big thing back then, and like everything big, some people enjoyed poking fun at Michael Jackson too, which gave birth to such spoofy songs like the one in which Jagdeep prances around dressed like Michael Jackson in the iconic cemetery song. Check this image down to believe it.

The Cave

You gotta love papier mache. We have a feeling that paper companies were making a lot of money off Bollywood in the eighties and the nineties. Most of the movie props were made of papier mache, including the cave of Saamri that is presented in this movie. It has some epic props all set around, and it needs to be seen to be believed.

Puneet Issar Wearing Sunglasses in the Night Because He is a Police Inspector

Ajay Devgn got a lot of lip for doing this in one of his movies that were launched in the nineties, but there are several others who did this before him, and most were just dressed according to their characters Even back in the eighties, being a straight forward and incorruptible police officer meant that you have to wear sunglasses, and Issar does so like a Baws.

All of Gulshan Grover’s Antics

Gulshan Grover is a splendid actor who did what every Bollywood actor did in the nineties to wade through – take projects that they got, and he landed Saamri. Gulshan Grover has never hammed as much as he did in this movie, and his performance should become a legend, as legendary as.. well… no, not like Gunda, but you get the point.

It’s in 3D!

Seriously, the movie is touted as 3D almost everywhere, and you should see the 3D scenes to believe it. Anyone with a DSLR will understand what’s going on here after watching even one of the epic 3D scenes. Basically, they are using only one focus point and therefore it kinda seems like 3D. No, Bollywood did not make a 3D movie back in the eighties, even before Hollywood did.

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