Five Reasons This Cheekh Is Still Fresh In Our Minds

The first non Ramsay movie that are are presenting, Cheekh stars Deepika and Javed Khan, who was all the three Khans of the B Grade Bollywood movies at that time. Here is the complete review of the Bollywood horror movie, Cheekh.

A rapacious Thakur finally grows old and out of his rapacious ways. He now has a young daughter, Dipa, whom he had sent to Bombay to study. When she returns, she falls in love with a poor man, Sunil but the father does not deny the relationship and has them married. Their happily married life comes into a problem when the Grandfather’s past sins catch up with him, and a stalker tries to kill him.

Because of this, the young couple call their friends, another couple, so that they can live together and solve these issues, Rajan and Rita. Rajan tells Sunil that he had come to that place earlier, when he was young. One day, while the four are chilling, they use a crystal ball. The crystal ball tells that someone will be dying in the house very soon.

As soon as this happens, the lights go out in the Haveli, and the old Thakur is killed. The police now tries to find out who has killed the Thakur. The Thakur is strangled, and the servant of the house is burnt alive in the kitchen.

The four are now blue, and Rajan decides to spice up the happenings by scaring people posing as a green demon. After this, Sunil and his wife play a prank on Rajan, with Dipa fake seducing him, and Sunil coming into the house right at the moment. However, the prank goes wrong and Rajan actually dies. To save themselves, they hide Rajan’s body in the attic. Later, they cover the body in plaster of Paris. They tell Rita that Rajan has returned to the city and Sunil hides Rajan’s car under some shrubbery.

The police find the car under the shrubbery. Because they find the car, they want to know where Rajan is. When the police contact the house, Dipa tells them that Rajan has left the haveli in his car. The inspector senses something amiss, and Dipa and Sunil decide to do away with the dead body as soon as possible.

Things get murkier when Rajan’s sister comes to the haveli to meet him. Dipa and Sunil keep up their appearances, but the sister goes to the police to lodge a complaint. However, the sister dies when a mysterious killer strikes her. The killer is finally apprehended. After the death, Rita decides to leave the haveli too. We find out that the killer is another of the Thakur’s past sins that are cropping up. He fools the police and escapes.

Finally, the plaster of Paris dead body starts stalking the couple, and Dipa shoots the body once again, only to find that Rajan was fooling them all the while. They finally give up the dead body, Dipa is put in the hospital and Sunil is arrested. We see a hooded figure try to attack Dipa, but Sunil escapes from prison to save her. We now find out that the hooded figure is none other than Rajan’s sister, who has been hounding both the lovers. She is finally killed by the police as she tries to kill Dipa in their presence.

Here are five reasons why we should watch the movie Cheek without any disturbances ever.

#5 The Crystal Ball

Crystal balls are rarely seen in Bollywood, so anytime they make their presence felt, it is a moment of joyous celebration. In Cheekh, not only does the crystal ball make a presence in the movie, but also in a dream sequence, where the holder of the ball moves around searching for a dead body like someone would move with a metal detector to find a bomb.

#4 The Product Placement

Back in those days, product placement was just beginning. In actuality, scriptwriters would put in products just to make a greater connect with the audience, rather than actually make some money via placement. In Cheekh, the product placement that we see is Surf.

#3 Modern Sita

Dipshika was Sita for an entire generation, and somewhere, her career came to an abrupt end because she was ‘Sita’ for everyone., However, Cheekh was a rare role where we could see Sita in a different role, and that too, a very bold role for those times.

#2 The Ingenuity of Hiding a Dead Man

By far, the most ingenious way to hide a dead body. They actually put Raza Murad’s character in plaster of Paris and make him into statue. And of course, the guy is alive for quite a while. We wonder whether he ever went to the washroom for all those days.

#1 The No Injury Rule

We do not know whether the filmmakers were so tired by the end of the film that they couldn’t even be bothered to show the injuries that their characters undergo. For example, a hoodlum that dives onto a sharp object dies, but there’s no injury or blood on his body. In the final scene too, the sister is twice by the police, but again, no injury.


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