Five Reasons Mahakaal Should Be Your Weekend Watch

Mahakaal is a nineties Bollywood horror movie, starring some of the glamour names back then. It had Kunika and Archana Puran Singh as the young women, and Shekhar Suman and others as the men who were supposed to be caught between the devil and them. Here are five reasons why you should make Mahakaal your weekend watch.


A young girl, Seema, dreams of an ancient evil zombie killing her. Her friends think that all that is in her mind, but her friend starts to believe her when she shows her the scar that she got in her dream in real life too.

There is another group of collegians harassing her and her friends, and they routine scuffles. One of these scuffles end up prett badly, and the collegians decide to go for a picnic to forget all the issues that they have. Seema is killed, and the police arrests her boyfriend, Varun. The boyfriend is killed by the demon in prison,

We then realise that Anita’s father, a Commissioner of Police, had actually defeated a criminal named Shakal a long time ago, and had kept his claws as a reminder. Apparently, Shakal had kidnapped the Commissioner’s other daughter, Anta’s sister

Tired of her hauntings, Anita’s mother takes her to a Baba, who gives her a amulet. The moment she removes the amulet, Shakal attacks her once again. Now, the Commissioner and Anita’s boyfriend decide to do away with Shakal once and for all. But before that, Anita has already killed two college students for no rhyme or reason.

Finally, Anita is trapped by the demon in his hideout, but her father and boyfriend fight the demon and shut him down for ever and ever.

#5 The Edward Scissorhands Scenes

The demon in the movie wears a trenchcoat and has metal nails for well, nails. All this is a page right out of the Freddy Krueger and Scissorhand movies. Mahakaal atleast proves that our film makers were watching Hollywood movies even back then

The Whole Segment Dedicated to Johnny Lever Dancing as Michael Jackson to Bangles.

This sequence is a very important juncture in the history of Bollywood. You see, Johnny Lever made somewhat of a career out of imitating people, and this one is one of the long sequences where he does that. He is also singing to the Bangles song that got finally made into the Sanjay Dutt Madhuri Dixit dancer Tamma tamma Loge.

The Freddy Krueger Scenes

Remember when Krueger killed a man by ripping through his bed? Well, the same thing happens in Mahakaal. After a night of passion, the girlfriend, Seema, wakes up in the middle of the night, only to be attacked by metal claws that ripped through the floor, killing her. Of course, her boyfriend is accused of murder and he escapes, only to experience Death by Snake.

The Dream Sequences

Mahakaal likes playing with the minds of the viewers. Therefore, out of the several spooky scenes, we find out that at least two of them take place only in the minds of the ladies. Therefore, before you invest yourself into the gory sequence onscreen, remember that all of it can just end with the lady screaming her heart out.

Archana Puran Singh and Kunika

Make no mistake about it, these two ladies were two of the boldest actresses in their time. If you wonder why Archana Puran Singh landed up on those reality shows, watch this movie and you will realise how much for a minor cultural icon they both are. Pushing the envelope when it comes to

The Disco Song

If nobody told you that the seventies, eighties and nineties was all about polyester and shiny costumes and light balls and all that, welcome to the disco songs of these three decades. You will go into a tizzy just at seeing the bright lights and the costume changes

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