Five Movies with Awesome Names that Were Heavily Criticised After Release.

It is an accepted fact that Bollywood movies rely on their music to get people attracted to it, a good four months before their release.While this is a big opportunity, another big opportunity is the name of the movie, which can attract good press right from day one. While many producers register a good name immediately, things start going south the movie or the music is released. Here are five films that had intriguing names but sunk at the box office.

#5 Roadside Romeo

It is interesting to note that there is not a single mainstream, big budget movie that has the name Romeo in it, apart from this one, an animated movie which starred the voices of Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukerji, Jaaved Jaffrey among others. The movie had a decent plot and one of the best Indian animation we have seen, it did not evolve into a product made for the children, and nor did the parents take a specific liking to it.

#4 Tees Maar Khan

This name is as Indian as it can get. If the movie was a success, the filmmakers would have legitimately carved themselves into Indian culture, but why they instead chose to remake one of the worst Peter Sellers movies is beyond our comprehension. The only plus point of this movie is that it gave us th Item Girl Katrina Kaif, and one of the most catchy tunes of that year, Sheila ki Jawaani.

#3 R…. Rajkumar

This movie has an interesting story behind it. When it was announced, they went to town that the name would Rambo Rajkumar. As the release date neared, the Rambo was inexplicably dropped and we were left with a title that seemed like some phonics teacher was appointed to anoint. Shahid Kapur and Sonakshi Sinha tried to create a sizzle, but were not succesful.

#2 Ra.One

It couldn’t get more meta than this. Ra.One was the perfect amalgamation of the East and the West. When prononuced, Ra.One is similar to the way Indians pronounce Ravana, the antagonist in the epic Ramayana. With its sci-fi background, the film makers created the best name one could for an antagonist in an Indian Bollywood movie, but the movie was badly criticised.

#1 Action Jackson

There are few instances in Bollywood where reviewers from all types of media, digital, print and radio waves come together and give a collective drubbing to a movie, and Action Jackson is one of them. The name Action Jackson invoked quite a desi feeling, and we were looking forward to see Devgn, who has earlier acted in stylish movies take the cake away, but the abjectly negative reviews kept us away

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