Five Aspects that Make Veerana an Epic Movie


Nakita is an ancient female zombie who takes the form of a seductress to drink the blood of young men and women. A thakur kills Nakita, but her cronies decide to keep her alive, and do so by stealing her body. Next, they ambush the young Thakur and his niece. The main man from Nakita’s hideout poses as the one who has saved the daughter, and says that the young Thakur is dead. Soon the possessed daughter kills the young Thakur’s wife, and the elder Thakur sends her to the city to study.

When she returns a couple of years later, she is found to devour men and drink their blood. A series of murders take place, and anyone who suspects that Jasmine would have a hand in the murders and quickly done away with.

Soon, things to a head when the deaths start coming near to the Haveli, and also when the elder Thakur’s daughter gets a new boyfriend. The village starts talking about a possessed Jasmine. Finally, Nakita’s cronies decide that it is time to sacrifice Jasmine to revive Nakita, and it is all upto the Thakurs to save the world.

The Ramsay clan has given us a lot many horror movies in the seventies, eighties and even the nineties and through the turn of the century, and Veerana remains one of the firm favourites. Here are five aspects of Veerana that makes it an epic movie.

Nakita and her Cronies

Bollywood horror movies were mostly about rapacious men wanting to sexually assault women, or even zombies try to sexually assault women. Veerana turned the tables on the men, and introduced one of the first female spirits in Bollywood history, Nakita.

The Sets and the Props

Veerna Bollywood on Make A Gif


Veerana was a big budget movie and it shows. Not only did they have a big-ass statue of an ancient devil, but an elaborate set for Nakita. There are so many paintings, papier mache masks and other elaborate costumes that it makes you wonder what they would have made today if they had the budgets and resources of today.

Rajesh Vivek and his Costumes


Not many know that Rajesh Vivek was a stable in the Bollywood B grade circuit before he became a big name with B R Chopra’s Mahabharatha and later in life with Lagaan. Rajesh Vivek plays the role of the main man in Nakita’s unearthy group of people, and is blessed with the most outrageous and garish outfits. We would buy the DVD again just to watch Rajesh Vivek in these robes.

Gulshan Grover and his Death

Gulshan Grover can move mountains in Bollywood today, but we are not surprised to see him play a pretty minor role in this movie. Maybe he just wanted to get connected with the Ramsay camp, which was a big camp at that time. He plays the role that he has played in so many movies earlier and later, a sleazeball. He also gets the most gory death in this movie, Death my Sawmill.


Beautiful is Jasmine. There are no two ways about it. We are pretty sure that if she were in her prime today, she’d have given a run to all the models and models who act today. This was her introductory movie, and we have never seen her again. So, Veerana remains an ode to one of the most stunning females we ever saw, Jasmine.

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