Figure of Speech: Personification: Khooni Murda

Khooni Murda (The Murdering Corpse) is a Bollywood horror movie that stars the people who are by now regular in this circuit, Javed Khan, Huma Khan, Kiran Kumar and others. Here is a complete script and screenplay of Khooni Murda.

A young woman, Rekha, is stalked by a man called Ranjeet. The woman tells about this to her fiance, who is also a police officer. He confronts her one day, and he tells her that he loves her and marry her. He tells her to take her time to reply to his proposal, but if she refuses, he will not just kill her, but also every lover in the world. The girl and her fiance where she calls him in a secluded place in the middle of the night. When he tries to come closer to her, he is arrested After the court case, Ranjeet is sent to a mental asylum.

Seeing that Ranjeet is now in a mental asylum, all of them decide to go to a picnic. But Ranjeet breaks out of the asylum and attacks the group while they are at the picnic. The picnickers kill Ranjeet, and hide in a ramshackle hut, scared of the repercussions. The police arrives at the spot, but the friends deny seeing anyone or meeting anyone.

Life goes on normally for the college group for a while, but after a while, things begin getting awry. Rekha gets a stalker once again, and two of the girls, Anuradha and Prabha, who decide to have a girl’s night out have the fright of their lives when first their boyfriends, Suraj and Dev come over, and then Ranjeet the Zombie attacks and kills Anuradha (in a manner that a girl died in Mahakaal too). The girl’s boyfriend, Suraj is suspected of the murder and is arrested.

When Prabha goes to the college the next day, Suraj meets her in the college, and tells her that he has not killed anyone. However, he is arrested by the police almost immediately. Suraj is killed in the prison by Ranjeet the Zombie. This leads to a public outcry, but the police find themselves helpless. Now, Ranjeet the Zombie begins controlling another woman as she is studying with her male friend, and proceeds to kill him too.

Now, Ranjeet the Zombie confronts Rekha and tells her that he will be killing Jaya that night. Rekha calls up Dev, Jaya’s boyfriend. Now, Rekha, Rakesh, Dev and Jaya meet at Jaya’s house, where the Zombie Ranjeet is supposed to kill Jaya. Inspite of their best efforts, Jaya is killed by the zombie.

The police arrive at the crime scene, and arrest some other hoodlums, while the remaining campers go to a sage to help them shut down the Zombie Ranjeet. Zombie Ranjeet kills one more of the group, and finally, Rakesh confronts Rekha and this is when the sage tells the police officer all about the Ranjeet’s murder.

The sage says that the only way to solve this problem is to now complete the final rites of the human being. After a long and protracted fight, the Zombie Ranjeet is killed by the sage and the friends.
Here are the five reasons why you should watch Khooni Murdaa

The Intricate and Sympathetic Backstory

Most horror movies have a simple backstory for the demon. He is usually an ancient evil power that has been buried deep, but is invoked for some reason, or if it is a woman, she’d be someone who’s running about for revenge, but Khooni Murda is different. The bloody corpse is actually a mental asylum patient who had fallen in love with a woman who wouldn’t reciprocate his love. Ouch. Also, bonus points for the fact that the origins story is not 200 or even 2000 years ago… that dude dies yesterday and he becomes a zombie today, like Instant Coffee, we have Instant Zombie.

Rajesh Vivek

We have decided that whenever Rajesh Vivek makes an entry in the movie, he shall be pointed out. Those who grew up in the eighties, know him as Rishi Ved Vyas in Mahabhartha, and those who grew up later know him as the funny eye guy in Lagaan. He plays a monk who comes in the movie at the fag end of it the action.

The Special Effects and Props

The face of the khooni murda is not very much visible, but when it is, it surely seems like thermocol wrapped over the face of a human and coloured in blood red. Oh wait, it is!

The special effects are quite interesting too. In one sequence, th Khooni Murda grows to be a giant, and throws one of the protagonists off the window by picking up out of the window. Of course, nobody has that kind of money so they just use some camera tricks.

Kiran Kumar

We do not know how deep the rabbit hole had Kiran Kumar gone when he signed up for this movie, but we are sure that someone somewhere got a good amount of ego massage to have a ‘special appearance’ credit. Kumar must have acted in not more than ten minutes fo the two and a half hour movie, and yet, it is a Kiran Kumar movie.

A Legitimate Multistarrer

Multi Starrers are generally jinxed and Bollywood, and people did not begin making them after until Border broke all records. However, the makers of this film were bold enough to put Deepak Parasher, Javed Khan, Puneet Issar, Huma Khan and almost everyone else who was of some B movie camp.

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