Chehre ke Peeche: The Movie Television Script Writers Refer To.


A young woman Priya lives in a city, and has a boyfriend Rajesh. She has come to the city to look for a job in the film industry. She has a mentor, one of the best makeup men in the industry. While she is happy with her mentor and boyfriend, she is a bit miffed because she is not getting a job.

Four people come together and start a film production business. They start the production company just because they want to get in touch with young and beautiful women, and Priya gives a screentest. One of the four tries to get fresh with Priya, and she refuses the movie and walks out. The four people get incensed, and decide to get the better of Priya. The casting director, Salim, finds out that Priya’s mentor is the makeup artist. He hires him for the makeup of all the artistes.

However, they hoodwink the makeup artiste, fool Priya and sexually assault her. They leave her for dead. When Rajesh goes to a police officer, he alleges that he has assaulted her and arrests him. Priya returns to her make up artiste mentor, and vows to teach them a lesson.

We are then introduced to a girl, Rani, who works as a maidservant in the house of the four and kills them one by one. She kills the first one by stabbing him, the second one by drowning him in the pool. The third one, she kills by poisoning his drink. Another one is killed by poison in his food, which was given to him in jail. He was arrested on sexual assault charges.

By this time, Rajesh senses something fishy about the mentor, and the mentor confesses that Priya was alive all this time, and he used to disguise her to kill the others. Meanwhile, Priya is all set to kill her last molester, but is overpowered. Rajesh arrives in the nick of time and kills him.

Chehre ke Peeche is a low budget thriller, that has the usual suspects in this genre and budget movies, Poonam Das Gupta, Raza Murad, Joginder and some others. Here are the five reasons we should watch this movie at least once in our lifetime.

Raza Murad, Joginder and Poonam Das Gupta in a Movie Together:

Raza Murad and Joginder are basically two film industries together, and adding Poonam Das Gupta to the proceedings makes this a perfect flick to relive the nineties by.

Poonam Das Gupta

Poonam Das Gupta was mildly famous in the nineties for her darebare attitude and movies. No wonder she as quickly and quietly relegated to the B movies. She has not been seen in many movies, so everyone that she is a gem. Enjoy this movie while you can.

The Death Count

Four people die in this movie, all the villains, in something like half an hour, the last half an hour of the movie. The movie literally scampers from one death to another. Rarely has such a fast moving screenplay been written in Bollywood.

The Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a McGuffin used by Bollywood movies to great effect for almost five decades, and has only now been demarcated for use by Ekta Kapoor in her serials. In this movie too, an utterly fantastic version of plastic surgery i.e, prosthesis is used. You need to see it to believe it.

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