Nagin: The Movie that Began It All


A young writer, Vijay, saves a villager from an eagle’s attack. The villager turns out to be a snake in a man’s shape. The snake-man allows him to experience the male and female snake dance.There’s Uday, an atheist who is married to a very religious woman. There’s another friend, Raj, and all of them meet on their daughter’s birthday – Anu. Vijay calls all of them to experience the snake-changing, and one of them, Kiran, kills the male snake my mistake. The female snake takes a vow to kill everyone involved in the death.

She kills Kiran by hoodwinking him, by telling him that she was grateful to him, for releasing her from the snake’s clutches by killing him. The other friend is killed, when the snake impersonates his girlfriend, seduces him, and kills him.

The group of friends now call a tantrik, who gives them a pendant that would save them from the snake. While everyone wears them, the atheist friend, Uday does not believe in the pendant, and the tantrik shows him proof, thereby making him a lifelong believer in God.

Uday is killed in a more elaborate trick. The snake takes the form of a village belle, and tries to seduce him in the night. But he is saved because of the pendant. She now goes to a secluded beach, and fools a man into believing that she is about to commit suicide because she has been fooled by her husband, who now has a mistress. the man is a local goon, and kills both Uday and his wife in the misconception that they are man and mistress.

With this death, the tantrik/snake charmer captures the snake, but he does not hand over the snake to the friends. The friends decide to steal the snake, and bribe the charmer’s helper and shoot it. However, the snake survives, and continues killing the friends under one ruse or the other.

The snake even succeeds in one of the friends allege that Vijay has been killing all the friends because he wants to usurp their wealth.

With so many deaths, the tantrik once again tries to capture the snake, but this time is killed himself. Also, the snake now tries to kill both Vijay and the son of one of the friends, but doesn’t succeed and actually dies after falling down from a height.

The Kohli clan is well known for their big budget movies, and were supposed to be one of the few houses that could come up with multistarrers. That they made such fantastic movies is another matter. Here are five reasons why Nagin is a fantastic and must watch movie.

#5 The Starcast

As we said, this is a multistarrer, and the script is just a waferlike reason to infuse as much glamour in the movie as possible. Therefore, there are at least three to four glamour songs from the late seventies, won’t we want to watch them?

#4 The Plot

This is one of the oldest ‘new’ plot in Bollywood, with several other movies made with the exact same idea, of an icchadari naag (shape shifting snake). It is also a drastic change from the havelis and the chudails.

#3 Jeetendra in a tribal dress

Jumping Jack was well known for playing suave, urban roles in later life, but this one where Jumping Jack jumps around in a tribal dress is a scene for the ages to come – not just a scene, it’s a song!

#2 The Mumtaz Rekha Combination

Mumtaz was the glamour doll of a generation and Rekha was the upcoming fantasy of a new generation, and that the movie had both of them in their 70’s kitsch is something great.

#1 The Interview

Think that the journalists of today are heartless? Well, they have just taken a page of our Kohliverse. In the final scene, Vijay literally asks the dying snake in her human form, “How are you feeling at the end of your life?” SMH.

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