Dharmendra, the Baap of Superman


An alien sends his son to Earth after his High Council doesn’t believe that the entire planet will be destroyed in thirty days. The alien is adopted by an elderly couple, and he soon shows his supernatural power. He is named Shekhar The couple doesn’t tell him about his unique origins, but as he grows up, he finds out that he is different from others.He grows up with Geeta, a young and budding journalist, and Shakti, a good-for-nothing. At the father’s retirement party, he finally finds out that he was an adopted child. His adoptive father confesses and dies. Disillusioned, he leaves home and goes on to travel.

He travels far away from home, and finally reaches a snowy peak, where he sees a vision of his real father. He tells him about his origin and also tells him that he should save the world from evil. He returns and joins Geeta’s office as a journalist and begins his superhero career, first by saving a whole aeroplane load of people, when the aeroplane has been hijacked. Of course, his father’s spirit also helps him.

Shakti has become a big time crime hoodlum, and has an army of women who go about beating up his enemies. Geeta gets a tip that a smuggling deal is taking place, and her boss tells her to take Shekhar with her. The hoodlums attack them, and Shekhar beats them up, in his true avatar. Someone else takes his photographs.

Shakti now makes a plan to trap Superman in a godown and blow it up with him. He is, of course unsuccessful. Shakti now researches about how to defeat Superman, and finally finds out that he can be defeated if exposed to one element. He kidnaps Geeta and forces Shekhar to come to hideout, and garlands Shekhar with the stone.

Shekhar’s father helps him out, tells him about the mysterious element. Shekhar beats up Shakti, and Shakti informs him about all the bombs that he has placed all over the country He saves most of them, and when he sees that the damage is extensive, his father tells him to antrotate the world, so that everything is undone. All’s well that ends well and Shekhar finally has the police arrest Shakti.

Here are three reasons you should definitely watch Superman:

The Blueprint from Hollywood

We kid you not, every moment from the Superman movie is directly lifted from, you guessed it, the Superman movie. There have been many movies that were inspired from Hollywood, but the audacity with which the movie is simply lifted makes it an interesting watch.

The Meta

Puneet Issar was relatively unknown during this time, and Dharmendra plays the role of Jor El, Kal E, Superman’s father. So, basically, the film makers made Dharmendra Superman ka Baap.

The Effects

Of course, the movies back then did not have a quarter of the budget that the original Superman had, and this had the director doing several things that go down in YouTube history. There’s that scene where there’s a scene of a plane superimposed on a city’s timeline, to show that the plane is falling down. That one is epic.

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