Bollywood Fantasy Movie: Neelim Azim as a Pati Vrata Biwi Whose husband is a reborn snake.


In the world of snakes, Naaglok, a female snake is engaged to a male snake. They decide to come to Earth. The father gives the male snake, his so an Amar Mala , and tells him that though many humans would think of taking the necklace, they are out of danger, and would be immortal, as long as they are near sandalwood.

On earth, we find out that the father is the King of Snakes, Naagraj, to whom a woman is praying for a child since many years. The woman begs him to give her a child, and finally the Snake King relents. He says that he would allow his child to take an incarnation as her son. but he would be with her only for 25 years, as his lover Rajani will take him away. He also said that they are shape shifter snakes, and are enemies of another group of snakes, the Badam caste. The Snake King’s son, Rajnikanth is said to be in the Kamru forest. He promises her that he will order his son to die when he returns to Naaglok on the no moon night.

A dacait, Chattan Singh, wants the necklace, because it would give him immortality. The dacait hires a lame and deaf snake charmer, and promises him a lakh rupees if he captures the snake and give them the Amar Mala.

When the dacait and the snakecharmer reach the Kamru forest, they find out that the snake charmer is powerless, because the Kamru forest is full of sandalwood. However, he does not succeed.

Rajani is angry that the Snake King has promised her lover as a child to the woman and confronts him. The Snake King tells her that years ago, the woman had helped him by fighting against a snakecharmer and killing him. He had then given her a boon, that she could call him anytime and ask a boon.

Rajnikanth relents, and so does Rajani. Nagraaj says that she will have to bite him twenty five years from now, and will then take him away to Naaglok.

On earth, Rajnikanth is almost attacked by the enemies, but a young female snake comes to help him out. She gives his parents water from Naaglok, which would remove the aroma of being a snake. As she returns, the snakecharmer tries to capture her, but Naagraj admonishes and threatens him.

Into this, Nagesh meets a woman at a temple, Neelam, where a man has died of snakebite. She prays to God and cures him. Nagesh’s mother sees this, and thinks that Neelam would be strong enough to ward off Rajnikanth’s future, and has him marry her.

Meanwhile, Nagesh is looking to arrest Digamber Seth, a rich man who carries out illegal activities. Digamber Seth complains about Nagesh to Chattan Singh, and they come up with a plan. The dacait finds out that Nagesh will, finally be dying in six months because he will be bitten by a snake.

As the days progress,Rajani is all agog to capture Nagraj, but the dacoits try to capture her, and Nagesh’s wife saves her in the nick of time Now, Nagraj, his wife, and Rajani confront each other, and as the discussion is going on, Nagraj’s mother reaches on the scene.She saves Rajani from being shot by a dacait, and dies in the process. The three now decide to avenge her death.

Here, the dacaits and Digamber Seth chalk up a plan for a girl, Julie to seduce him, and plant evidence that they have an illicit relationship. However, they kill Julie too, and have Nagesh framed in the murder case. Now, Rajani and Neelam do their best to save Nagesh.

Rajani kills the Seth, and goes ahead to kill two of the dacaits, but the snakecharmer captures Rajani, and Neelam has her released with the help of Nagraj. Nagraj stops her from biting the snakecharmer, but he is killed anyway. Finally, Rajani tells Nagraj that she will not bite anyone, but kill return to Naglok only after Nagraj is released from prison. She proceeds to kill the photographer next and kills him with Neelam’s help, but before that the photographer records an audio clip, that Nagraj is innocent. Though he is released, he is soon captured along with Neelam by the remaining dacait. Rajani now saves the two, but gives up her life in the process.

Nagin aur Lootere is an inexplicable movie, and would be surely one of those movies that many would not want you to watch. Here are five reasons why Nagin aur Lootere makes it into our list:

The Kader Khan and Anupam Kher Cameos

As we had told you earlier, whenever you see a scene with two or more characters, but never see them together, be sure that this was patchup work in post production. We have seen this in quite a few movies, but with Nagin and Lootere has almost 25 to 30 percent of this patch up work.

The Everything Goes Storyline

There is reincarnation, there are snakes, there are dacaits, there are dons, and then there’s even a jungle song. Ooh. the mind boggles.

Anand Mahendroo


Anand Mahendroo must have done many movies in his lifetime, but we still need to understand what made him dress up  as Naagraj for a movie. No, seriously, he actually had a snake shaped turban.

Neelima Azim

We think Neelima Azim is still one of the most beautiful faces to have ever faced the camera. We love every movie she has ever been in, and therefore this one too. Fun Fact: Neelima Azim is Shahid Kapur’s mother.

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