Mr. Bond, the name is Mr. Bond

We have always maintained that the nineties was a bad time for Bollywood stars, and some of the worst turkeys that they acted in were in this decade. Akshay Kumar, before he became the Indian Ninja and Mr. Khiladi, had to go through the old route of dancer/singer/lover. But some movie makers took note of his martial arts background and made action movies with him, one of them being Mr. Bond.

Mr. Bond has a whole gang of lesser known stars going for it, and one of the few movies to have Poonam Das Gupta and Sheeba, and Dolly Minhaz in the same movie, along with Akshay Kumar. We made the staid and simple synopsis and must watch list, but couldn’t contain our enthusiasm when we heard these three stars say some heavy duty dialogue when they are apparently just learning the ropes. Here are the five memorable dialogues from this movie:

gita jummajumma paisa taporikaali-billi

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