Amavas Ki Raat: The Longest Night In Our Lives


A woman completes her black magic education after being mentored by her husband. She gets a letter from her sister, Sunanda, who is being ill-treated by her husband – she had married him against her family’s wishes. The female Black magician gets a letter that her sister is living on the streets, after being thrown out by her husband. She says that the only wish she had was to give birth to the child before her death. Unfortunately, she dies before she can give birth to the child. Even though her husband dissuades her, she uses black magic to give birth to the child from the dead sister, and her husband leaves her – because she misuses black magic.

Because the child is born on a no moon night, it is proclaimed that he will be fighting evil and finishing it off on every no moon night. Many years ago, the city is stalked by a murderer who kills on the full moon night, and even the police is troubled.

The DIG of the City, has a sister, who is engaged to Sunil. Sunil goes to another city to complete his management studies. The night tha Sunil leaves for the city, the DIG has called extra forces to ensure that no untoward activities happen that night.

That night, the DIG meets a girl, a dancer in a club, and he tells his deputy to leave the girl to her house. However, the killer has already struck, and he kills a woman who is having a bath. The force ges news that the killer is in a nearby apartment, Marina, and the DIG goes there with his full force, but the woman is killed before they can reach there.

Next, the killer goes ahead and kills Sunil’s entire family, before the DIG arrests him. However, the killer is shot dead when he attempts to escape, by the DIG. When Sunil returns, he becomes disenchanted with the police force, because he thinks that the police did not do their work well.

We finally find out that the stalker is the same boy the Black Magician had saved many years ago. When the DIG asks the Black Magician to bury her dead, she says that her son can never die, because she has made him immortal with her tantric powers. She tells him to bury the dead himself, as she knows that her son can never die.

The Black Magician now vows that the people who have buried her son will be forced to dig up his grave. To that end, she begins to control Munna, Sunil’s nephew. A doctor tells him that one way to put an end to his nightmares is to dig up the grave and show Munna the dead body. While Sunil is against the idea in the beginning, he finally gives in to the idea and shows him the dead body.

Sunil shows Munna the dead body, and Munna is no longer scared. The doctor tells Sunil to take Munna away, and he would bury the body once again. However, before he can do so, the dead man is revived and continues his reign of terror over the city.

The next day, the club dancer is attacked by some hoodlums, but the DIG saves her. In the meantime, Munna is in trouble once again, because the stalker arises again, and kills the Governess that Sunil had brought to the house.
Now, the DIG, Sunil and their collective families go for a picnic. In a bizarre twist of events, Sunil and the DIG leave the two girls and Munna in the bungalow, with the DIG taking Sunil to the city to have him meet his girlfriend, Anjali, the dancer. As soon as the DIG leaves, his sister slips out to meet her boyfriend, only for the both to be killed.

When the DIG and Sunil return, they see the deaths, and fight with the stalker and finally kill him once again by throwing him and a car in the lake. However, the stalker disappears from the lake, and the next day, he tries to kill Anjali. He kills Anjali’s father, and when Anjali tries to call Vinod, the stalker attacks her, but is killed by the DIG once more.

However, when the post mortem takes place, the doctors say that this is the same dead body that he had given eight days ago. Now, the DIG asks Sunil whether he had buried the dead body. Sunil says that he had not, and that the doctor had said that he would be burying the dead body. When the check, they find out that it is the doctor who is in the coffin.

Now, the female Black Magician’s husband tells her about all the problems that her creation is causing. He goes to the DIG and tells him that the only way they can shut down the Stalker is by exposing him to the sunrays. Meanwhile, the Stalker lives once again, but the DIG asks the doctor to burn the living stalker.

The Stalker relives, and goes on a killing spree once again and attacks Anjali. Only when the sunrays fall on him that Anjali realises that sunlight can kill him, something that the DIG finally understands.

He raids the female Black Magician’s house and finds the dead body. He is now allowed to take the dead body, The female Black Magician now takes over Seema’s psyche and captures her. The dead body gets alive once more, The female Black Magician now plans to have Seema burnt alive, but everyone reaches there at the right time and finally defeat the Stalker by exposing him to the sunlight.

Here are the five reasons why everyone needs to watch Amavas ki Raat

The Longest 2 hours, 11 minutes and 52 seconds of our lives

That’s correct. Though most of the playtime is just the zombie killing and beating up people, there is just one song, and the screenplay is so contrived that this seems to be the longest movie, even more than the four hours that LOC:Kargil would have played.

So, if you are watching this one, make sure that you have a lot of time, patience, and a couple of your favorite beverages around. And remember, this is the YouTube edit, and you can never be sure that this is the DVD version or even the final release version.

The Backstory

By the nineties, the moviemakers began being creative with their backstories of the ghosts and zombies. Here, there’s no haveli, no chudail or something remotely medieval. The demon here is the creation of a woman that dabbles in Black Magic.

The Nod to the Terminator

Amavas ki Raat is definitely inspired by the Terminator. The antagonist is supposed to be killed at least thrice in the movie, and the final scene is where he becomes a man again out of ashes, in a sequence that should do down as legendary when it comes to the list of Bollywood creativity.


In a casting coup, the filmmaker succeeded in casting Shammiji as a Black Magic Woman. Seriously, this is the first time that we are seeing her not just in a grey character, but an out and out negative character. Either we need to see more Mohan Bhakri movies, or this is a revelation to all Bollywood aficionados.

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