Qaidi 210 Is Based on the Salman Khan Chinkara Case


There’s a new movie in town, Qaidi No 210, which is based on the chinkara case in which Salman Khan has been embroiled since the past few years now. The movie boasts of several things, which would give it at least a chance to recreate the incident: The same gypsy in which Salman Khan was […]

Five Bollywood Movies that Rewrote the Revenge Genre


The revenge genre is the pet favourite of any Bollywood personality looking to make a quick buck. It is the go-to genre and the one that launches careers. In fact, if you have seen only one Bollywood movie in your whole life, there is a chance that it is a revenge movie. Out of the […]

Answers: Four Questions You Will Have After Watching Badlapur


Badlapur – Dont Miss the Beginning is rewriting the revenge genre when it comes to Indian movies. The movie is a striking portrait of one of the oldest emotions in the world. Of course, the movie is a masterpiece and there are some questions unanswered. We try to answer these questions. Spoilers ahead. #1 Why […]

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