Bollywood Horror Movie Synopsis: Siyaah


Bollywood Horror Movie Synopsis: Siyaah Ved Prakash Sharma is a rich man who has just broken up with his wife. His wife leaves him when she sees him in bed with someone else. He has a security guard, who acts strange. To de stress, he goes with a friend to a club, where he meets […]

Bollywood Horror Movie Review: Horror Story


Horror Story 2013 (Synopsis) A group of friends is celebrating the fact that one of their friends is going out of the country. Maggi, the most vivacious of the group, decides that they will have an all-nighter. In the group, Neel is the one who is not settled as yet, and is an aspiring singer. […]

Bollywood Suspense Movie Review: Laatsaab


Bollywood Suspense Movie Laatsaab Synopsis Suspense movies in Bollywood are few and far between. Apart from Gupt, there are few modern Bollywood suspense movies that have made a dent at the box office. Laatsaab is a nineties movie starring Jackie Shroff, Neelam and others in major roles. Here is the complete synopsis and review of […]

Bollywood Horror Movie: Andhera


Bollywood Horror Movie Andhera: Synopsis The movie begins with the scene of a newlywed woman going out of her house on her Suhaag Raat (wedding night), under the influence of a man/demon. Apparently, the husband does not know about it, and unwittingly consummates the wedding. The other people living in the house are a brother-in-law/sister-in-law […]

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