Shilpa Shetty Gets the No Make Up Look Right


Shilpa Shetty is one of the actresses who brought style and swag out there, and we are sure there are many a starlets who follow her style. The charming and poised actress is known for her red carpet appearances in outfits and looks that make the evening, but we recently came across photos where she […]

These Neha Dhupia Glasses Are Adding to the Shade


It’s summer, yes, and while we are wringing the sweat off our clothes, Neha Dhupia has posted his hawt photo on her Insta account. Neha Dhupia beats the heat with the pink framed, semi cat eyes styled frame, mixing it all up with a pink scarf and something that’s black. Someone should tell the Julie […]

Its Official: India Cannot Make a Superhero Movie


Not many film makers in India try to go into the superhero genre, and the ones who do, either already get painted corny movies or do it quite subtle. Forget superhero, even sci-fi movies are quite adventurous, with the only sci-fi/superhero movie to have made any serious money in the last decade was the Krrish […]

Now, Kamaal R Khan Finds Ranbir Kapoor Wahiyat


KRK is Bollywood, or so he thinks. After all, he has an opinion about anything and everything, and he does not shy away from saying it aloud via Twitter. His Twitter feed makes for an interesting read, what with the diatribe he has against everyone in the Industry who is  not him, and now, he […]

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