The Most Expensive Half Fry in Mumbai Is In…


It has been done. The most expensive half fry in the world has been found. If you are in Mumbai, you know how important fast food is for the survival of everyone in the city. And if you are experimental in your eating habits, you know what the half fry is.But for reasons of making this […]

The Day The Business Stopped: The Sad, Mad Case of Terry Bollea.


Today morning, there was a small blip in the Indian social media. The former professional wrestler known as Hulk Hogan was released from the WWE for racist comments that he made some years ago. A particular generation of Indians, those who are rarely on social media, had just heard a passing reference of Hulk Hogan […]

Calm Down: The Ahalya Short Film Is Not Epic


Short films are kind of a new thing for Bollywood, and people are fawning over Ahalya, a short story made by Sujoy Ghosh about a character from the Ramayana. The media has gone all out to say that the movie is so, so awesome. We were left wondering why the film did not break the […]

Three Reasons the Bajirao Mastani Trailer Is Not Happening


The Bajirao Mastani trailer is out there, and apart from some fangroups, nobody is too hiked up about it. Digital marketers of anything take note, this is exactly how a product shouldn’t be launched, at least in India. Here are five reasons why the Bajirao Mastani trailer launch didn’t create the ruckus that a movie […]

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